Educational Programs

PreSchool: K1, K2, and k3

In Preschool, we focus on the development of our youngest students by facilitating the acquisition of knowledge in meaningful ways, firmly believing in the importance of developing the necessary skills to face and solve the challenges of everyday life. The students learn  in an environment of love and respect, creating a space of confidence and security. Our teachers educate children with an international perspective and are passionate about what they do.


The Academia Preschool philosophy is based on best practices and current research and embraces key aspects of a Montessori classroom, including self-directed, non-competitive activities, and a focus on building a positive sense of self-esteem.

Primary: Grades 1 to 5

In the primary grades the focus is on building strong literacy and math skills in both Spanish and English. A majority of the school day is spent on actively reading, writing, and problem solving. Through analysis and reflection, our students develop themselves academically, artistically, and emotionally. Therefore, teachers are facilitators of learning, guiding students to construct meaning through student-centered activities.


Middle School: Grades 6 to 9

Our Middle School  program is focused on providing a student-centric educational environment.  Our goal is to prepare students for the challenges they will have in their high school education and help them prepare for a smooth transition to University education. We will achieve this goal by providing our students with a wide knowledge base which they will draw upon and apply in real-life situations.


Instructional Practices

  • Close Reading and Writing to Learn
  • Writing to demonstrate a deep understanding
  • Project-based learning activities
  • Building interdisciplinary understanding

Core Subjects

  • Spanish
  • English
  • Mathematics 
  • History, Geography, Civics 
  • Science 

Academia Core Values

  • Respectful
  • Responsible
  • Reflective

Visual Art

This class has the educational purpose of exposing our students to the different manifestations of arts and graphics. The intention of this approach is based on knowing and appreciating the work of various artists, as well as using their own resources to produce with creativity and emotion. 


In a natural way, music provides benefits to the development of the human being. The music class is an opportunity to learn how music is found in everything we do. 


Mindfulness is a comprehensive practice of life that unites the body, mind and spirit. This allows us to relate in a more assertive and clear way with our life experiences. Mindfulness allows us to achieve a higher awareness of our thoughts, emotions, attitudes, behaviors and actions in our daily life.

Performing Arts

Body expression and the development of aesthetic sensibilities are a fundamental part of this class. Students demonstrate the skills acquired through an annual presentation. Teachers work with the students to facilitate a successful presentation, allowing the children to build their self-confidence.

We provide children with a premier K-9 education that will fully prepare them for success in the world of the future.
Brindamos a los niños una educación de primer nivel K-9 que los preparará completamente para el éxito en el mundo del futuro.

contact info/ Datos de contacto

Stirling Dickinson 2-4, San Antonio, 37750, San Miguel de Allende, GTO., Mexico


+52 415-152-3235

+52 415-152-3859

African Proverb

“ It takes a community to raise a child.”


“Se requiere una comunidad para criar a un niño.”

At Academia Internacional we understand it takes the entire support of a child’s community to help nurture and raise a child in a safe and healthy environment. We strive every day to provide our children with the love, support, and nurturing they need to flourish.

En Academia Internacional entendemos que se necesita todo el apoyo de la comunidad de un niño para ayudar a criar y criar a un niño en un ambiente seguro y saludable. Nos esforzamos todos los días para brindarles a nuestros hijos el amor, el apoyo y el cuidado que los niños necesitan para prosperar.

Contact Info/Información de contacto

Stirling Dickinson 2-4, San Antonio, 37750, San Miguel de Allende, GTO., Mexico


+52 415-152-3235

+52 415-152-3859


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