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In Preschool we favor the integral development of our youngest students by facilitating the acquisition of knowledge in a meaningful way, firmly believing that in the importance of developing the necessary skills to face and solve the challenges of everyday life. The students develop themselves in an environment of love and respect, creating a space of confidence and security for them; managing to train people with an international mentality who are passionate about what they do.


Following in the current national proposal of Basic Education, children acquire skills, knowledge and values ​​through work in Projects and Problem Based Learning. English classes are governed by the guidelines of the Cambridge Program that inculcates autonomy, reflection and an international outlook.


Within the Preschool section is the Pre-first grade. The academic objectives of this grade level are specially designed to take advantage of the age and stage of development of the students who will find themselves, preparing to complete a successful primary school education in all areas of learning.

The students have 70% of the classes in English. By increasing the percentage of immersion in the English language, students are encouraged to be, curious, self-confident and developing fluency in the English language. Teachers will be fostering the willingness and pleasure to learn and creating many opportunities for students to practice the language actively. Greater security and independence are sought, as well as the promotion of self-control.

Children who have not yet reached the age of six and who for some reason still have a level of emotional maturity below others, will be guided and coached to manage to increase their resources and strategies to relate with others with greater confidence. In our preschool the different dimensions of development are attended to as well. We are certain that the care of our health, environmental education and art are part of our lives; essential elements for integral formation. We offer special classes that give our students the opportunity to maintain a balance, as well as distinguish individual interests and talents.


This class has the educational purpose of exposing our students to the different manifestations of plastic arts and graphics. The intention of this approach is based on knowing and appreciating the work of virtuous artists, as well as using their own resources to produce with creativity and emotion. The children in this section enjoy two hours per week of this class.


In a natural way, music provides benefits to the development of the human being. The music class is an opportunity to learn how music is found in everything we do. Students have this class for two hours a week.


Attending to the Curricular Autonomy that SEP proposes, three alternatives were developed with through a workshop or club: Literature, Kitchen & Practical Life and Sciences.

Performing Arts

Body expression and the development of aesthetic sensibilities are a fundamental part of this class. Students demonstrate the skills acquired in an annual presentation. Teachers work with the students to facilitate a successful presentation, allowing the children to build their self-confidence.


There is a methodology by means of which the student acquires the necessary skills to carry out what he has learned in his daily life by making critical and important decisions. Through analysis and reflection, our students develop themselves academically, artistically, physically and emotionally. Therefore, teachers are facilitators of learning letting the students be protagonists in the acquisition of knowledge and thus develop their full potential.

We have two programs in both Spanish and English. Students take 14 periods of 50 minutes each in Spanish a week where they use different tools that help them in their learning process. With these tools teachers can help students to work on projects where they not only develop their investigative skills, but also develop motivation to be proactive, thus aiming to serve the community.

1-5th Grade Classes

In the area of ​​English, they take 15 periods a week of 50 minutes each period, in which Cambridge certified books are used to teach English. These books are of international stature that allow the students to have an education with exposure to be a part of a globalized world.

6th Grade Classes

Spanish: 5 Periods a Week

English 5 Periods a Week

History in English: 4 Periods a Week

Science in English: 5 Periods a Week

Mathematics in English: 5 Periods a Week

Art in English: 2 Periods a Week

Complementary Development Classes

Throughout primary school the following subjects are given to complement the development of our students. 50-minute periods are the same as the basic materials:

Performing arts: 1

Physical Education: 2

Mindfulness: 1

Workshops: 2

Art: 2 (1st and 2nd grade) 1 (3rd to 6th).

Technology: 2 (4th to 6th).

Music: 2 (1st and 2nd) 1 (3rd to 6th).

With all these, we want to contribute to our children’s holistic development.

Middle School

Cambridge program AISMA

Middle School’s Cambridge program is focused on providing a student-centric education environment.  Our goal is to prepare our students for the needs they have in high school education so they can smoothly transition to Univesity education.  We will achieve the above by inculcating in our students a wide knowledge base which they would draw upon and apply in real-life situations.

Instruction Focuses On

  • Close Reading and Writing to Learn
  • Writing to demonstrate a deep understanding
  • Project-based learning activities
  • Building interdisciplinary understanding

Cambridge Philosophies

  • Make Mistakes 
  • Question the answer
  • Take the blame, take the credit
  • Why ask why? 
  • Go where ever you want
  • Get into an arguement

Our Teachers

Our Middle School teachers who teach the Cambridge curriculum set high expectations of our students. Teachers attend on-going instructional training to ensure they use research-based instructional strategies, so that our students are taught the most up-to-date learner strategies to help them prepare for college and their future careers.

BMS Electives:

  • Computer Applications. (4 hours per week)
  • Art (4 hours per week

Common subjects

Spanish  (5 elective periods)

English (5 elective periods)

Mathematics (5 elective periods)

History (5 elective periods)

Science (5 elective periods)

Physical education (2 elective periods)

Scenic arts (2 elective periods)   


Global Subjects

As part of global education, the students take the following subjects in Spanish:

Historia (3 elective periods)

Formación cívica y ética (3 elective periods)

Geography (2 elective periods)

Talleres (2 elective periods)

Academia Internacional is in the process to be Cambridge Certified.

We follow the Cambridge learning values that are designed to develop confidence, responsibility, reflection, innovation, and engagement. This prestigious international program has a standard of excellence that provides our students with a learning path that is recognized world wide.

Cambridge Learner attributes for students-

  • Confident- Confident in working with information and ideas- their own and those of others
  • Responsible- Responsible for themselves, responsive to and respectful of others. 
  • Reflective- Reflective as learners, developing their ability to learn.
  • Innovative- Innovative and equipped for new and future challenges.
  • Engaged- Engaged intellectually and socially, ready make a difference.

Cambridge Learner attributes for Teachers-

  • Confident- Confident in teaching their subject and engaging each student in learning.
  • Responsible- Responsible for themselves, responsive to and respectful of others. 
  • Reflective- Reflective as learners, developing their practice.
  • Innovative- Innovative and equipped for new and future challenges.
  • Engaged- Engaged intellectually and socially, ready make a difference.

SEP’s High School

The high school program is student centric.  It emphasizes active learning.  Children learn to evaluate different arguments and points of view to reach reasonable conclusions. 

They learn English through Cambridge courses of English as a second language.

Our experienced high school teachers provide additional support to clarify conceptual doubts or to suggest alternative routes of investigation.

We provide children with a premier K-12 education that will fully prepare them for success in the world of the future.
Brindamos a los niños una educación de primer nivel K-12 que los preparará completamente para el éxito en el mundo del futuro.


Cambridge Philosophies
  • Make Mistakes
  • Questions the Answer
  • Take the Blame, Take the Credit
  • Go Where Ever You Want
  • Get In To An Arguement
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African Proverb

“ It takes a community to raise a child.”


“Se requiere una comunidad para criar a un niño.”

At Academia Internacional we understand it takes the entire support of a child’s community to help nurture and raise a child in a safe and healthy environment. We strive every day to provide our children with the love, support, and nurturing the children need to flourish.

En Academia Internacional entendemos que se necesita todo el apoyo de la comunidad de un niño para ayudar a criar y criar a un niño en un ambiente seguro y saludable. Nos esforzamos todos los días para brindarles a nuestros hijos el amor, el apoyo y el cuidado que los niños necesitan para prosperar.

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