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The International Academy is a secular, bilingual and multicultural school, located in the heart of México, where students and teachers from more than 15 countries are integrated into a tolerant and caring community, based on collaboration, with a naturalistic approach to education. supported by project based  learning and critical thinking.

Learn about our Mission, Vision and Values

Learn about our simple admissions process and get all the information you need

Meet our teachers, administrative staff and learn about our history

Here you will find everything you need to know about the educational programs at each level.

Our teachers keep pace with changes in educational trends through continuous refresher courses

Our Performing Arts program, the place where your kids will develop their artistic skills

Learn about our physical education program


The ideal place to awaken the creativity and artistic sensitivity of children

From the 5th grade, children acquire technological tools

All levels acquire concentration and self-control skills

Academia San Miguel calendario sep

Most important dates

Postgraduate teachers0%

Certified teachers0%

Trainings per school year0%


Each student has at their disposal a wide variety of services and all the ways to study in a stimulating and comfortable environment.


  • Organic Lunchroom

    Maximum quality ingredients, we support more than 50 local producers

  • Field trips

    Field trips complement teaching

  • Security

    Extensive security measures

  • Violin

    Violin lessons

  • Soccer

  • Aquaponia

    A place to relax and learn



  • Cooking and practical life

    Develop math skills, independence and autonomy

  • Literature and theater

    Develop language and communication skills.

  • Plastic arts

    Develop love and knowledge of different artistic methods.


Middle school

  • Spanish

  • English

  • Mathematics

Nuestra Historia

Una institución joven, con mucha experiencia


Study hours per day


Year of our foundation


New administration


Bilingual education

Technological tools available for each student.

Lic. Roberto Agüero, Lic. en Educación con mucha experiencia, súper buena onda etc, etc.

Message from our Academic Director

Algo que haya dicho Mr. Roberto que quiera destacar bla bla bla bla bla bala bla bla bla muy importante bla bla bla