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Something big happened September 20th-27th across the globe. In case you missed it, there was an organized Climate Strike all over the world. The goal of the climate strike was to bring attention to the world leaders that climate action is needed and needed now. The strike that took place that week of the 20th-27th is officially the largest worldwide strike in human history.

We are proud to report that Academia Internacional students were actively involved in the strikes and that our school is teaching our students to be conscious and concerned for our planet’s well-being. To continue to raise awareness, we have provided a full report below of the problem, what our school is doing, what our students did, what our students are doing, and what you can do to help combat the problem.

How is academia internacional teaching climate change?

Climate change has been widely politicized throughout the world and while politicians try to make it a two-sided issue, the science is clear. At Academia Internacional we teach our students to look at all sides of an issue, to listen to different points of view, and to come to an analyzed conclusion on the subject.

Our teaching methods for Elementary School students use project-based learning that employs a multi-disciplinary approach to incorporate multiple subjects to engage our students. Our problem-based learning will require our students to draw upon skills and content learned in various disciplines. Through this problem-based learning, our students have formed their own educated conclusions on climate change.

In Middle School, we build upon that methodology and encourage our students to be socially responsible decision-makers. The program is designed to take on and consider multiple perspectives and pave the wave to become global citizens.

This methodology led to our students taking on global climate change as informed, prepared, and passionate promoters of the subject. Our pride in our students continued as they brought attention to our administration and teachers about the climate strikes taking place in late September.

Academia Internacional’s Student Involvement in the Strikes and March

Our students were front and center on September 20th, 2019 during the march and strike in San Miguel de Allende. An estimated 500 people joined the strike to show politicians, companies, and people of influence that their voices will be heard.

In the Climate Action for San Miguel de Allende, protestors marched from Calle Cardo to the rally site in Parque Juarez. Children from Fridays for the Future SMA opened the rally with the international Climate Song. Our students were front and center during the protests and Academia could not have been more proud.

During the strikes, the organizers of the global movement came from youth and the message they sent was clear-

“To date, young people have led the climate strikes around the world. Now we need adults to join us too. On September 20, 2019, Fridays for Future, the Youth Climate Strike movements, and all of our international friends and allies call for a global general strike. Mark and add it to your calendar. Workers everywhere, please: we are asking you to join us and walk away from a system that is destroying our planet and will threaten the survival of millions of people, plants, and animals within the next 10, 20, 30 years.

We don’t feel like we have a choice: it’s been years of talking, countless negotiations, empty deals on climate change and fossil fuel companies being given free rides to drill beneath our soils and burn away our futures for their profit. Politicians and fossil fuel companies have known about climate change for decades. They have willingly handed over their responsibility for our future to profiteers whose search for quick cash threatens our very existence. This crisis is very real, and it cannot be ignored any longer.”

Our Students Were Not Done There-

Our 6th through 9th-grade classes then took a trip to the “presa” (dam) or lake to learn about water conservation and pollution. In partnership with Caminos and Amigos de la Presa, our students got a first-hand look at the presa and the pollution from dumping. It is our hope and the hope of our partners that first-hand experience of our climate and environment will make our students more cognizant of protecting it and to pass those lessons on through the next generation.

Academia Internacional’s Promise to the Community-

We will continue to educate our students to be mindful, understand how we affect our environment, and promote them to be global citizens. We will provide as many tools as we can to help our student’s effect change at the local, national, and global levels. We will provide them with the leadership skills they are already exhibiting and continually hone and develop those skills to be the leaders of the future.

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