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About us

San Miguel de Allende has attracted many persons from all over the world.  This situation created the need for an educational institution that can understand families who emigrate to a new place and that face new challenges.  Everything is new, exciting and, at the same time, a little bit intimidating.

We also take care of the needs of families that live in San Miguel de Allende, who are looking for a quality school education that allows their children to be completely bilingual. We also prepare the children to enter any national or international institution. At Academia Internacional we understand student’s needs and we know that each child is unique and the school caters to this uniqueness. 

Who we are

Your family needs the educational support of a reliable institution with the experience to educate children from different countries of the world and from Mexico.  At the Academia Internacional, we have welcomed students and teachers from San Miguel de Allende, from every state of the Mexican Republic and from all over the world:

  • • Mexico
  • North America
  • Canada
  • China,
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Japan
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • France
  • Russia

We accompany the children and their families in the adaptation process to their new life.  The cheerful and friendly environment at Academia Internacional provides the children within an ideal atmosphere to help the children accelerate in the adaptation process.

Academia Internacional is the perfect school for families that are looking for a first level education that cares about the human being.  Children are treated in a loving and respectful way and that becomes evident in their academic achievements and attitudes.

At the Academia Internacional, we promote and embrace diversity.  We base our daily coexistence on the principe of mutual respect.  Here, your children will live in an environment of acceptance towards diversity and tolerance.

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We provide children with a premier K-12 education that will fully prepare them for success in the world of the future.
Brindamos a los niños una educación de primer nivel K-12 que los preparará completamente para el éxito en el mundo del futuro.


Cambridge Philosophies
  • Make Mistakes
  • Questions the Answer
  • Take the Blame, Take the Credit
  • Go Where Ever You Want
  • Get In To An Arguement
contact info/ Datos de contacto

Stirling Dickinson 2-4, San Antonio, 37750, San Miguel de Allende, GTO., Mexico


+52 415-152-3235

+52 415-152-3859

African Proverb

“ It takes a community to raise a child.”


“Se requiere una comunidad para criar a un niño.”

At Academia Internacional we understand it takes the entire support of a child’s community to help nurture and raise a child in a safe and healthy environment. We strive every day to provide our children with the love, support, and nurturing the children need to flourish.

En Academia Internacional entendemos que se necesita todo el apoyo de la comunidad de un niño para ayudar a criar y criar a un niño en un ambiente seguro y saludable. Nos esforzamos todos los días para brindarles a nuestros hijos el amor, el apoyo y el cuidado que los niños necesitan para prosperar.

Contact Info/Información de contacto

Stirling Dickinson 2-4, San Antonio, 37750, San Miguel de Allende, GTO., Mexico


+52 415-152-3235

+52 415-152-3859



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